Special Event- Advent: Lesson 4


Mark drew the curtain back on Advent lesson 4, unveiling a lesson on “Adventus”  which is Latin for Arrival. ( Advent is the 4 weeks of celebration on the Christian calendar before Christmas, the birth of Christ.) He broke down the arrival onto 3 life events. 1. Arrival in Bethlehem 2. Arrival in Life 3. Arrival to come, the “second coming” Mark gives us a brain teaser…which Christmas carol is about the second coming? Do you know? Mark addresses the 3 life events by discussing in detail: 1. Life’s curveballs 2. Our testimony 3. Our Lord “God” He references many passages in Luke 1:39-53 to address life’s struggles and solutions, what our testimony should entail, the power it gives us and our promise in our belief that our Lord will come again. Mark closes with profoundly knowing and in deep belief that life throws us curveballs, but we are servants of God and we can tell the world about  our God. Joy to the world, the Lord has come and that is who we are.  


Speaker: Mark Lanier



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