Special Event - Advent Lesson 2: Peace


Brent Johnson continued teaching the Advent series with lesson 2. Today is the second Sunday in Advent, Adventus in Latin which means arrival. After sharing in responsive liturgical reading, Brent expounded on the emphasis of week 2: Peace of God. We are promised God's peace as the angels' proclaimed to the shepherds of Jesus' birth, "Fear not." Brent focused on three points of being pleasing to God: 1. Trust / Faith God - Matt 8:23-27. Romans 8:5-8 2. Bring Peace to Others - Matt 5:9. Matthew 28:19-20. Ezra 17:10 3. Pray - Talk and Listen to God - Philippians 4:6-8 God is at work in all things. He will give us peace. Listen as Brent details the meaning of the Second Sunday in Advent.


Speaker: Brent Johnson