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What Use is the Law - Part 1


Mark continued with Lesson 3, How Does the Law of God Reflect God’s Character, in the Series: A Trial Lawyer's Brief on Biblical Law: A Reflection of God’s Character. God gave Israel signs to show they were separate from the nations. This showed the national identity of Gods people. Common questions arise: 1) Is the Old Testament Law applicable to Christians today? 2) What parts of the Old Testament are applicable today? 3) What is the justification for accepting parts of the Old Testament as binding, but not others? Mark began to share various answers and positions of people, with two covered in this lesson.

  1. Bad answer #1: The law doesn’t apply to Christians because it was nailed to the cross. But they belong together. Paul wrote in 2nd Timothy 3:16-17 confirming OT laws. The law was never given for people to be saved by it. Because it’s Impossible. We need to read the law with understanding. Jesus came to fulfill the law. God's law never becomes void.
  2. Bad answer #2: “The moral section of the Old Testament Law is binding on believers, but not the ‘other’ sections.” What sections are moral? Who determines this? Too often we decide what is appropriate by what we feel instead of God.
Listen to Mark discuss the various types of law and how the Bible addresses them. Biblical law reflected God's holy ways that would guide Israel to fulfill Gods purposes.


Speaker: Mark Lanier