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Biblical Law in Cultural Context


Mark taught week two in the new series, "A Trial Lawyer's Brief on Biblical Law: A Reflection of God’s Character,” focused on Biblical Law in Cultural Context. Was anything unique about Biblical Law? Mark used the following process to compare and contrast legal codes from that era and area:

  1. Define the approach: How the question will be answered. — Time and location to other legal codes before and after Sinai
  2. Compare and contrast the other legal systems/codes with Biblical Law. The earliest known law dates back to 2100BC, and Biblical Law dates 1400-1200 BC. Mark shows us the laws that governed people were dictated by man. But God gave the Law of Sinai to Moses.
  3. Implications: What does Biblical Law mean for us? — God gave the Law of Sinai to Moses. These are God’s commandments. He called the Israelites and us to be like Him, to be holy.
God made you and me to be in His image: we share His moral makeup. What is right and good and holy to God is to be the same with us. (Num. 15:40). Listen to Mark expound on how God wrote the Biblical Law as a reflection of Him.


Speaker: Mark Lanier