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The history of the class

Scripture + Substance + Spiritual Passion
Open Bible - Biblical Literacy Champion Forest Baptist Church

Our goal is to use the next hour as a time of Bible study that helps change our lives. We want to know God more clearly as we seek to love and serve Him in all aspects of life.

The biblical literacy class began in 2003 with a vision to complete an overview of the entire Bible. The founding idea was to create a class that provided “core material” that would offer anyone, including a novice, a working familiarity with the Bible. To accomplish this, Mark Lanier prepared a lesson handout used as a guide for the Sunday morning lecture, a format which has continued in each series. Three exciting years later “Old Testament Biblical Literacy” and “New Testament Biblical Literacy” was completed, with handouts also translated into Spanish: “Sondeo del Antiguo Testamento” and “Estudio del Nuevo Testamento”.

A two-year study on “Church History Literacy” followed, designed to explore the foundation of the church and how it relates to us and the church as we know it today.

In early 2010, a 2 1/2 year study of “Paul, His Life and Teachings” and “Paul’s Theology”, including Spanish translations, “Pablo: Su Vida Y Enseñanzas” and “Pablo: Su Teología” was completed.

In 2010, the class began a Biblical Literacy Survey, similar to the original Biblical Literacy series. This time, the effort is targeted a bit deeper. The class brings in resources normally only used for serious Biblical scholarship. In doing so, the class provides the serious scholar, skeptic, and the interested lay public with tools for Biblical literacy at a seminary level but in a plain and understandable context. Utilizing the skills that a trial lawyer relies upon, Mark considers all the material, including secular controversy covered by the media as well as scholarly debate that place the Bible in context to it’s history. The goal is to present and study together material that would be appropriate for study of a survey-type class on a seminary level, yet relying upon the perfect will of God to reveal to us His grace and wisdom and His plan through His Word.

We are thrilled to be a part of the Maturity and Ministry efforts of Champion Forest Baptist Church, a dynamic church located in Houston, Texas.

Champions Forest Baptist Church
Main Campus

Click on the map for directions. We look forward to seeing you!
Sunday Mornings at 10:55 am
Room # FL-WC
Location: 15555 Stuebner-Airline Road, Houston TX 77069.

If you live in the Houston area and want to be a part of the class, come on! We have a Welcome packet with your name on it! Join us in the Family Life Center at the Champions Campus of Champion Forest Baptist Church.

Champions Forest Baptist Church Main Campus