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Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis
1093 PLCS 1.1- A Lawyer Takes Up a New Case 04/02/2017 W. Mark Lanier Paul: a legal case study Do you know Paul? Mark began a new series about the Apostle Paul as if he were asked to represent Paul in a court of law. As a lawyer, Mark approaches the subject of Paul based on his own legal experience. In this introduction, listen to Mark discuss Jerusalem in 57 AD as Paul brought an offering into the temple for the poor. 2
1094 PLCS 2.1- The Initial Interview 04/09/2017 W. Mark Lanier

Mark begins his initial interview of Paul in this 2nd chapter of Paul: a legal case study where Mark is reviewing the life of Paul as a potential new client. In this first part of Mark's interview we obtain Paul’s background including origin of his names, appearance, and family history. We learn Paul/Saul was born a Roman citizen in Tarsus of Clicia. He was not an only child, multilingual, and as a Pharisee could trace his lineage back to the tribe of Benjamin. Listen to Mark talk more about Paul and what his role as a Pharisee meant.

1095 PLCS 2.2 The Initial Interview 04/23/2017 W. Mark Lanier

Paul: A legal case study

Today's class researches Paul's beliefs by focusing on his mentor Gamaliel. (Acts 22:1-3.) Gamaliel’s less conservative interpretation of the Torah, Mishnah, and the Talmud impacted Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles. Listen to Mark explain more of the influences in Paul’s life and the biblical implications of his probable membership in the Sanhedrin.

1096 PLCS 3.1 Interview 2 04/30/2017 W. Mark Lanier 5
1097 PLCS 3.2 Follow-up Interview 05/07/2017 W. Mark Lanier Mark focused this week’s study of Paul, a Legal Case Study, on what it meant to be a citizen of Tarsus and a Roman citizen. Tarsus, located in modern day Turkey, was a Roman naval base, a center of intellectual philosophy, as well as other attractions. Only the wealthy were able to pay for Tarsian citizenship and partake of the community leadership roles, which required wealth. In order for Paul to be a Roman citizen, his parents held the distinction. Social classes paid a vital part of the Roman life. Listen to Mark discuss more about Paul’s citizenships and how his experiences and status helped him spread the Gospel to the Gentiles. 6
1098 PLCS 4 Paul: Is Paul Legitimate or a Lunatic? 05/14/2017 W. Mark Lanier

Mark continues his discussion "In defense of Paul" Is Paul legit or lunatic? What changed him? What made the Damascus experience unique, and why was he willing to suffer for the Gospel? Listen to Mark’s insightful accounting of Paul’s behavior before and after he traded his old beliefs to follow Jesus, The Way, was a conclusion to his Jewish upbringing and training.