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Internet Team FAQ

  1. Who to ask….Of course team leads and other team members are great resources. Their email addresses are available on team pages, and Janet is an enormous help. Keeping Janet in the loop is always a good idea so that she is current on changes and/or needs.
  2.  Yes, there are quirks in the Biblical Literacy website like error messages. Just hit back to previous page.
  3. Personal Dropboxes can get full. Solution instructions

Volunteer List with Contact Emails

  Internet Ministry Volunteers as of May, 2018  
Class Coordinator Brent Johnson BJohnson@cfbc.org
Audio Lead Alan Bragg alanbragg@me.com
Artwork and Annoucements Sandie Shiver sandie0515@yahoo.com
Espanol Chris Du-Pond cadupondg@gmail.com
Decomposition team Judi Hillman hitchcough@aol.com
Bob Siefert siefbob@hotmail.com
Jimmy Martin jdmj1263@gmail.com
General Web Design John Dunlap gurujohn1@hotmail.com
JodiLee and Chad Popham fireflywebdesigners@gmail.com
Upload/Maintence Team JLee Popham jleepopham@yahoo.com
Wendy Doucet whdoucet@gmx.com
Chad Popham fireflywebdesigners@gmail.com
Mark Bayern mark@mlb.net
Events (postion needs to be filled)  
Summaries DiAnn Mills diann@diannmills.com
Video Processing Team  Ann Young (lead) annfyoung@att.net 
Lloyd Hren lhren5171@yahoo.com
Chris Crites cacrites@hotmail.com
Alan Bragg alanbragg@me.com
Carol Hale purplecam@att.net
James Hamond, Sr. jhammonds_sr@hotmail.com
Steve Mackey Steve@sbpools.com
Bruce Watson watsonb3@juno.com
Doug Schultz dschultz004@comcast.net
Freddie Gant fgant68@aol.com
Closed Captioning Phil Wagner philwagner50@hotmail.com
Thom Martin thomeagle@gmail.com
Meagan Hebel meagan.hebel01@gmail.com
Ken Thompson kthompson56@gmail.com
Camera Team Bill Hebel whebel@whebel.com
Naz Hebel nhebel64@gmail.com
Jersey Village Bib Lit Core Team Wendy Doucet (coordinator) whdoucet@gmx.com
Ken Ewers ewers.ken@gmail.com
Photography David Laney amrcksc@att.net
Internet Team Coordinator Janet Siefert siefert@rice.edu
Social Media (postion needs to be filled)  
eBooks David Wolcott davidw915@gmail.com
New Volunteers    
  Peggy Jerome peggyjerome@att.net
  Duane Jeromes djerome_hou1@att.net