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Power Point Decomposition Team


Team Member

Bob Siefert


Team Member

Judi Hilman


Team Member

Jimmy Martin

Basic Resources


Need to have access to :

 Computer, internet connection, email account, personal Dropbox account


Need to have access to the following:

MS Office programs, WordPress, PDF reader

Access to: 

Download Dropbox App:

all Dropbox BibLit folders

Login and password to

Confidential Password


GOAL: You are taking out all of the Mark’s animations and placing them individual slides and then saving that as a pdf. We do this so that anyone in the world can follow along without needing to have any special software. It used to be way harder than it is now. We found a program that *mostly* will do it, you just have to double check it.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download and install this program: http://www.maxonthenet.altervista.org/ppsplit.php ONLY WORKS FOR PC. For MAC http://neilmitchell.blogspot.co.uk/2007/11/powerpoint-pdf-part-2.html 
  2. Open Mark’s powerpoint from dropbox (I ‘shared’ this folder with you some time ago, but if you can’t find the credentials than I can send them again.)
  3. “Save” it to the same folder with ‘decomposition’ in the name.
  4. Command PPSPLIT to take out of all the animations. Truthfully, its been so long since I have done this, I don’t remember all of the commands etc, but if you get into trouble, just ask me. Sometimes Mark will do something in the animations that causes it to report and ‘error’ and that it can’t go any further. You have to manually do that slide and then start the PPTsplit program from the next one… This  usually happens if Mark gets especially creative. We can pray that this month he donest. 😉
  5. Save. The secret here is we don’t want to overwrite Mark’s original PPT. that’s why you saved it with decomposition. Other people, including Mark, sometimes use the original file. Go through the slides just to make sure that they look okay.
  6. Now save the document as a pdf. All of this ‘saving’ has been done in the folder for the lesson for that week.


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