OTJ Lesson 4 The Word


Mark continues the series: Reading the Old Testament Through the Gospel of John. This week, he concludes the prologue of John 1:1-18 with an emphasis on verses 15-18. John, the last living eye-witness to Jesus, writes in the present tense because Jesus is real to him. Jesus as light of the world outshines everyone else; He is the holy one of Israel. John's Gospel was written in Ephesus around the mid-60s using language taken from Paul in Ephesians 1 and 2. We learn that the greatness of the Word is based onwho the Word is—God. The greatness of God isn't only depicted thru His power and might; but also His love. Jesus is the expression of God’s love in a true love story. Listen to Mark share that all we need to see and emulate about God is found in Jesus.


Speaker: Mark Lanier