OTJ Lesson 1 Overview


Mark began a new series on the Gospel of John with an overview. John wrote the Gospel because he wanted no one to have a doubt about Jesus’ identity. In Genesis, the Messiah is prophesied: from the off-spring of woman, masculine,and from the seed of Abraham, an Israelite. The prophecies continue throughout the Old Testament revealing the Messiah is coming, and He will have the words of God in His mouth. The question is who is the promised Messiah? John answers this in his Gospel.Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing in Him, we may have life. (John 20:31) Mark further explains how all scriptural roads lead to Jesus. Of the four gospels, the first three are synoptic. The Gospel of John is different. Listen to Mark teach the history of John’s Gospel and insight into the writings


Speaker: Mark Lanier