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Lesson 24 - Judges - Part 4: Summation


A main operation of the American court system is to re-construct history, then applying justice to "fix" the problems that occurred. The process is consistent: the lawyers research the evidence, the experts express their opinions, the experts opinions are tested both for consistency as well as bias, and the case is then presented to a jury (or sometimes a judge). After all the evidence and expert testimony is given to the jurors, lawyers are called upon to give a closing argument. The closing argument is each lawyer‘s chance to summarize the evidence and advocate his or her respective positions.

Join Mark Lanier as he gives a closing argument about the Israelite settlement of the Promised Land. The goal is not to bring the legal system into the church. The goal is to use a means that centuries of development and refinement has found to be extremely productive and reliable for finding accurate historical reconstruction in an effort to set out a possible scenario for the history at issue here.

"May it please the Court..."


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier