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Lesson 24 - Judges - Part 3: Archaeology


In a courtroom, a lawyer must learn how to handle the facts.  The good facts, the bad facts, and the facts that have no bearing on his case.  So, how does a good attorney handle all of the facts of the case?  According to Mark Lanier, trial lawyer and lecturer, the best way to do this is to recognize all of the facts.  All of the facts make up the whole story.  Therefore all of the facts make up the truth!

This same principle applies to archaeology, specificaly, biblical archaeology and even more specifically, archaeological issues surrounding the book of Judges.  Join Mark Lanier as he presents the archaeological evidence surrounding Judges and suggests the evidence is not to be used to prove the Bible. Instead, its best service is to help put the Bible into an historical context for increased understanding.


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier