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Introduction - Biblical Survey


A little over seven years ago at Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, we launched a Sunday School class on "Biblical Literacy" with about 85 people in attendance. Over a three-year span, we worked hard to teach material, Genesis to Revelation, which would give someone a proficiency in knowing, understanding, and applying the basic lessons of Scripture.

As time went on, the lessons morphed in form, both written and oral. The class participants changed also, adding several hundred in attendance by the time the class concluded three years later. We then spent two years studying church history followed by almost two and a half years in the life and theology of Paul.

With that road behind us, we have taken sight on going back through the Bible, cover to cover, much like we did with Biblical Literacy. This time, however, we intend to take a slightly different tack. Before, we were intent on finding the "core material" that would give even a novice familiarity with the Bible. This time, the effort is targeted a bit deeper. Our goal is to present and study together material that would be appropriate for study of a survey-type class on a seminary level.

This does not mean that someone already has to have great knowledge in order to appreciate this study. We hope to present the material in a way where the novice can grow as well as the believer who has spent decades in study. In other words, we hope to have something for everyone.


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier