LGG 15 - The Nativity


Life Group Greek: Lesson 15 – The Nativity in Matthew

Matthews Nativity story is analyzed using the tools previously discussed in the Greek lessons, namely: Puns, Emphasis, Verbal Aspect, the Greek Y’all. The ‘take-aways’ include: The incarnate Jesus was not God with us. He is God with us! Generations come and go, but we can find Jesus each day in everyone. Jesus Christ came in the flesh! Matt. 1:1-2:23

Key Words

Christmas, nativity, Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, puns, perspective, ginomai, “genesis”, “birth”, genealogy”, “offspring”, “family”, ginnao, “to be the father of”, “to bear”, “to begat”, genea, generation, “Immanuel”, “biblos geneseos”


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier