LGG 14 - The Gentive Case


Life Group Greek: Lesson 14 – The Genitive Case and the Faith of Christ

The genitive case, as it is called, generally operates to limit a noun. This is the ending that is typically translated as “of”. The phrase, “the love of Christ,” which could either mean our faith in Christ, or, the faith that Christ has, is evaluated from all aspects of the genitive case citing various verses, such as: Rom. 3:22; Rm. 3:26; Gal. 2:16; Gal. 2:20; Gal. 3:22; Phil. 3:9. Comparisons of syntax, context and theology are discussed.

Key Words

Genitive case, nouns, “the love of Christ”, Christ’s love for us, “faith of Jesus”, “objective genitive”, “subjective genitive”, faithfulness, syntax, context, righteousness, “faith alone”, sola fide, orthodoxy, Robert D. Brinsmead, “saving faith”, perfect faith of Christ, “Young’s Literal Translation


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier