LGG 08 - Vocabulary: Theological Language


Life Group Greek: Lesson 8- Theological Language Grace

Grace can be translated a number of ways: Favor, as in favorable; or in doing one a favor; or benefit; or, thanks; or gift; or, grateful; or, gracious. Grace is not a ‘homonym’, but is simply one word with a wide range of meaning. ‘Anti’ is a preposition, which can mean “as the equivalent of”, or “in return for”, or “instead of”. This helps to illuminate John 1:16, which has been translated as “grace upon grace”. D. A. Carson points out that Jesus fulfilled the Law, and so we now have the grace/gift of Jesus rather than the grace/gift of the Law.

Key Words

Synonym, antonym, homonym, charis, Bauer, Gingrich, Arndt, Danker, “BGAD”, favor, favorable, benefit, thanks, gift, grateful, gracious, winsomeness, appreciation, gracious disposition, undeserved favor, salvation, graciousness, riches, anti, grace upon grace, grace for grace, Genesis, Nathaniel, Moses, Law


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier