LGG 07 - Vocabulary: Theological Language


Life Group Greek: Lesson 7- Theological Language

There are Greek words that held a common meaning in their day, but also could hold a more specific meaning for the Christian community. This lesson will discuss how this could affect the translation of: “diabolos” or slanderer; “Church (“Ekklesia”), “Apostle”; and, “Grace” (Charis). The dichotomy in usage, between the secular and the sacred, calls for the translator to determine whether a Greek word is being used in its common sense, or in a particular religious sense. And many of our words have lost some of their original meanings.

Key Words

Balance, symmetry, semantic, dichotomy, sacred, secular, diabolos, slanderer, accuser, “the devil”, “church”, “called out”, legislative body, community, congregation, assembly, Apostle, “kaleo”, “to call, summon, or invite”, messenger, envoy, Grace, Charis, favor, thanks


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier