LGG 05 - Emphasis Part 2


Life Group Greek: Lesson 5- Balancing

In English, and particularly since the introduction of word processors, we have numerous ways of emphasizing our written words. We can use bold font, or underline word, or we can capitalize letters, or we can use punctuation. But the ancient Greek writers did not have these tools at their disposal. Instead they used word order or key words, or they used the sentence subject twice. Matthew for example, frequently uses the Greek word “idou” for emphasis. When it is translated, the word can mean, “behold,” or, “look,” or “see.” Several examples of these techniques are shown in this lesson.

Key Words

Greek tools for emphasis, word order, key words, double subject, “idou”, “tags”, grammatical decision, decision of emphasis, Lord’s Prayer, Father, “Pater”, “hemon”, faithfulness, R. C. H. Lenski, “autou”, “gar”, “esmen”, poiema”, “Bam”, “like”, “behold”, “look”, verb ending, “stem”, “legeis”, “expressed pronominal subjects”, “ego eimi”, “estin”,


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier