LGG 02 - Vocabulary Part 2


Life Group Greek: Lesson 2 – Vocabulary

The vocabulary word for this lesson is elpis, which can be translated hope or confident expectation. This is in contrast to the hope one has in a winning lottery ticket. There are 53 instances where this word is used in the New Testament. The Apostle Paul used the word 36 times and in many of these references he combines it with faith and love. We see clearly from Paul’s writings that his elpis was built firmly on God’s character as revealed in the actions of Christ’s redemption.

Key Words

elpis, hope confident expectation, ‘fingers crossed’, slave girl, fortune-teller, Paul’s shipwreck, faith, love, waiting, steadfast, unchanging, suffering, helmet for salvation, God’s character, Christ’s redemption, nature’s travail, rejoice, coming glory, ‘peace that passes understanding’, ‘Scandal of Grace, Hillsong’, glorious inheritance, assurance


Speaker: W. Mark Lanier