LGG 00 - Introduction


LGG 00 - Introduction to Greek

According to Wikipedia there are 104 English translations of the full Bible. Over time the English language usage has changed just as did the Greek language. Translators must try to make the new translations relevant and are forced to choose between “formal equivalence”, which is word for word translation, or, “dynamic equivalence”, which strives to reproduce what the original audience actually heard. There are also challenges in choosing the most appropriate vocabulary word. At times there are several English words that could be selected for a given Greek word and at times the opposite is true. Additionally, there are theological or cultural concepts that have been given certain English words that may not capture the original Greek concept. And there are certain Hebrew concepts that were translated into Greek and a strict translation may not capture the original meaning.

Key Words

Translation, NIV, KJV, NASB, ESV, RASB, “gender-neutral”, “breathing mark”, “formal equivalence”, “dynamic equivalence”, “functional equivalence”, “paraphrase”, “man”, Robert Cawdry, extinct, extinguish, scene, Old Testament, New Testament, Septuagint, Church Fathers, Papyri, vocabulary, love, agapao, phileo, theology, baptize, paidagogos, Hebraisms, hosanna, Aramaic, “positive adjective”




Speaker: W. Mark Lanier