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GOG 018 - Is God Guilty of Fraud? Science and Faith Part 6


Is God Guilty of Fraud? Mark began the lesson with a review and reminder there are issues within this world that need to be addressed according to a Christian worldview. Biblical faith and science are not in opposition. The Bible says the world makes sense (Genesis 1:1 - 3). God formed and filled His creation. Orderly and self-sustaining. Sensible and logical. God brings good out of evil, and that is our job too. We must read the Bible keeping in mind the cultural audience and context in which it was written. God’s concern was for the people to understand Him, not correct their views of cosmology. God used their cosmology for a heavenly message: there is one God who created the heavens and the earth. Listen to Mark read the story of creation from Mesopotamia comparing it to the Biblical account. Discover how this ancient accounting has no resemblance to the one true God.


Speaker: Mark Lanier