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GOG 013 - Is God Guilty of Fraud? Science and Faith Part 1


Mark continues with the series: Is God Guilty of Fraud. This week’s lesson focused Science and Faith. In this part 1 lesson, Mark discusses the controversy of faith and science in an overview of the lessons to come. Many people think faith and science are competitive. What does the Bible teach about science? In the argument of creation or evolution, Mark explains that God is the uncreated. Science is our tool to combat the fallen world, and the proof is in Scripture. In the topic of faith and medicine, he refers to Matthew 8 in which several of Jesus's healings are recorded. Mark reviews the primary objections to mixing faith and medicine. If we do not have a biblical view of science, it’s difficult to find faith in God. Mark concludes that science is faith's physical tool for fighting the physical pain and difficulties of the fallen world. Faith and science are teammates.


Speaker: Mark Lanier