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GOG 010 - Is God Guilty of Fraud? War and Peace Part A


  Mark continues with: Is God Guilty of Fraud? - An investigation into the foundations of our truths. This lesson is part 1 of a series discussing God and evil using example passages from the Old Testament and New Testament that appear to show a different God. Through the ages, people have asked how a loving God would allow so much misery? Is He a God of war or a God of peace? Scholars have debated a good God with the realization of evil. Three solutions are offered: altering scripture to fit our opinion of what we’d like Scripture to say; altering God to soften God to man’s anticipation of what God should be, which is heretic; or alter the way one reads scripture, contrasting different levels like literal, moral or allegorical. Listen to Mark expound on the ways scholars have viewed and interpreted God through the ages.


Speaker: Mark Lanier