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Biblical Study While Living with Corona - Lesson 7 04/26/2020 Mark Lanier


Mark taught Part 2 of the Road to Emmaus from Luke 24: The Story Behind the Story on the Road to Emmaus.Luke 24:27 is a reflection of what Moses in the Old Testament says about Jesus.Through Moses, we read the prophetic words of who and what Jesus would be, live, and do. Mark shares the Israelites weren’table to free themselves from slavery. Slavery begat slavery and sin begat sin, absent the redemptive hand of God. It’s impossible to have redemption of sin without death so redemption for the Israelites came from God. During the passover, the blood of the lamb was painted on the doors in the shape of a cross, showing the Passoverforeshadowed Jesus’ death on the cross. Listen to Mark show through Scripture the prophetic meaning of the Israelites freedom from death and our Lord and Savior Jesus.


Speaker: Mark Lanier