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Biblical Study While Living with Corona - Lesson 4 04/05/2020 Mark Lanier


Biblical Study While Living with Coronavirus, lesson 4. This is Palm Sunday and this week, Mark weaves together 3 strands of thought: 1. Jewish Exile in Babylon: Jeremiah: 29:1-14. The people had to live through the crisis. 2. Palm Sunday: The Sunday before Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Zach 9. & John 12:12-16. Many people looked for a king who’d free them from the tyranny of the Romans, not save them from their sins. Through both of these times, we see God’s message to keep going because He is at work and will bring good out of a bad situation. 3. Corona Pandemic: The same three points that applied to those times also apply to the current Corona Pandemic: We must 1. Keep Going recognizing 2. God is at work and that 3. God brings good out of every bad situation.  


Speaker: Mark Lanier