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Biblical Study While Living with Corona - Lesson 16 06/28/2020 Mark Lanier


Mark continued with week 16 of Bible Study While Living with the Coronavirus: On the road to Emmaus from Luke 24 -What Jesus may have said to His disciples, part 2 of a focus on the tabernacle. This week’s topic shows how the tabernacle was an earthly shadow of a heavenly reality. Mark expands on aspects of God as revealed thru the tabernacle: 1. The uniqueness of God. God revealed Himself unique to all pagan gods. Everyone meets God in one place (the cross of Jesus). God grabs our attention but on His terms. 2. The holiness of God. Set apart like no other. A brightness that we can’t fathom. Utterly holy. Utterly purity. Utterly present. Utterly love. 3. The unity of God. God is one. One God in three persons. The goat skins around the tabernacle were clasped together, creating one unit. Listen to Mark detail the construction of the tabernacle to reveal who God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.


Speaker: Mark Lanier