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Lesson 2 - The Power and Sanctity of the Gospel


Mark continues the series Galatians: A Letter of Grace with Chapter 2, The Power and the Sanctity of the Gospel. In this lesson Mark focuses on Galatians 1:1-11. Beginning with Galatians 1:1-5, the opening of the letter is written to the Church of Galatia and is meant to establish Paul as an apostle, who has the authority to deliver a message of grace and peace. He is granted authority from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ who gave himself for our sins. Mark then in Galatians 1:6-11, discusses how the tone of the letter is more serious than letters Paul wrote in Romans or 1 Corinthians because, within the Galatian church, some are turning to a different gospel and want to distort the good news of the gospel that Jesus Christ died for all our sins.


Speaker: Mark Lanier