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Website Maintenance Team


Team Leader

Janet Siefert

Team Member

Wendy Doucet

Team Member

Mark Bayern

Team Member

Chad Popham

Team Member

JLee Popham

Basic Resources


Need to have access to :

 Computer, internet connection, email account, personal Dropbox account


Need to have access to the following:

MS Office programs, WordPress, PDF reader

Access to: 

Download Dropbox App:

all Dropbox BibLit folders

Login and password to

Confidential Password

Social Media

Vimeo LInk



Click on tasks to see the protocols:

Oversee and facilitate communication, planning, and coordination between the Announcement, Audio, Events, Summary, Powerpoint, Website Maintenance and Development Teams.

Dropbox maintenance and access:

  • Maintain dropbox archiving as well as the yearly fee
  • Convert lesson handout to a PDF and save to Dropbox BibLit Team -Current folder which is also created at this time
  • Share the Dropbox BibLit Team –Current folder with the appropriate teams

Website maintenance:

  • Upload lesson handout PDF to Quick links on website
  • Announcements posted to the website < shared task with Announcement team>
  • Events posted to the website
  • Extra Lesson Components like songs are added to the front page and lesson shell on the website
  • Update plugin content, posts, etc. for the website .   

Facebook/Twitter Maintence Task:

Biblical Literacy Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/Biblical-Literacy-195629981890/ and Twitter  https://twitter.com/biblit are linked. When something is posted to one, it automatically posts to the other. 

Facebook is where most of the posting is done. There are currently 5 admin who can post as well as assign rolls to other individuals, either as admin or editors. All of the page maintenance is accomplished through individual Facebook pages which are linked to the Bib Lit Facebook once an individual is assigned a role.

The admins are: Larry Burgess,  CETodd (associated with live streaming of class on our FB page), Chris Todd, Brent Johnson, Janet Siefert, Mark Lanier
Email Maintenance Task:
Google Apps serves as the mail “router” for the class emails. Google ‘groups’ is the app that provides forwarding capabilities so that any number of individuals can be assigned to the various ministries email accounts, @biblical-literacy.org (or @biblical-literacy.com). Each group is a ministry.

For example, an email sent to Missions@bibilical-literacy.org can be forwarded to 10 different people if needed.

The email addresses are tied into the ‘M’ record for the website which is handled by the Lanier firm IT people (Bill Glass, contact below) and is forwarded on to Google for handling and distribution.

This task requires an admin level @biblical-literacy.com email account. 

Currently the admin accounts are assigned to:   webmaster@biblical-literacy.com


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