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BibLit's - Donut Shop

/ˈdōˌnət/ /SHäp/
  • In the case of Biblical Literacy, a series of short and sweet videos of spiritual interest.
  • Meant to fatten the mind.

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Why donuts?

Are you hungry for more?

The Biblical Literacy Donut Shop is a playlist of very short videos that teach a Biblical principle, voice a doubt about God, or have a little fun with the Christian life and Jesus. Each are based on materials from the Biblical Literacy class taught by Mark Lanier in Houston Texas.

But why Donut shop?

In the last 6 years, the Biblical Literacy classes have consumed over 216,000 donuts. 


Each Sunday, over 60 dozen are delivered to the Champions and Jersey Village classes. Along with coffee and increasing literacy of the Bible, the class consumes it all. 

(Given that the rule is supposed to be one per person, you do the math about why that number. Yes, we are that many. And wanting more, donuts and people.)

But the history goes back even farther.

Interestingly, the idea for treating the classes came out of a legacy of which few inside Biblical Literacy or out are aware. Mark’s dad, having moved the family to Lubbock, the purported hub of the plains but where one might rightly assume does not a foodie’s Mecca reside, made donuts. His was a gift of service and love for his family while likely sprinkling the ensuring conversation with donut puns.  (A less stellar example of the Lanier legacy, in this writers opinion.)  If you speak to any of his kids, however, they recall their’s Dad’s special treat with the sweetest fondness. Wanting to keep the legacy alive, Mark extended the tradition to his own family, refining his donut recipe, which some sources say is better than Shipley’s. Sorry Shipley’s. The truth is sometimes hard to swallow.

Spoiler secret: It’s the mace

Spiritual note: Our Father, the creator, is all about legacy and love, not the donut kind, but the holy one…;(.. and so.. Welcome to the Bib Lit Donut Shop!


The Donut Shop Song

Donut miss the party,
Donut miss the fun,
Donut miss the truth,
Donut miss the pun

Donut know about the Bible?
Donut think it’s true?
Donut believe the stories,
Donut think it’s for you?

The Donut shop is open
Donut be left behind
The Donut shop loves people
Donut be afraid to feed your mind!

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