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Video Processing Team


Team Leader

Ann Young

Team Member

Lloyd Hren


Team Member

Chris Crites


Team Member

Alan Bragg

Team Member

Carol Hale


Team Member

James Hamond, Sr.


Team Member

Steve Mackey

Team Member

Bruce Watson

Team Member

Doug Schultz


Team Member

Freddie Gant

Basic Resources


Bring with you:

Blue 2 TB hard drive and SD card to FLWC – Video Control Room ( Upstairs), which should be open upstairs at 9 am. You should bring a set of instructions with you. 


Neet to setup:
  • Stream live to Facebook and Youtube via Wirecast
  • Record the lesson to Blue 2 TB hard drive, SD card and dvd disk

JV Video Dropbox:

We are no longer using this dropbox for JV. However, should anyone need to use the dropbox, the credentials are below:

Email: jvdropbox@biblical-literacy.org 



  • New Coordinator – In case you have or haven’t heard, Shara will be resigning as team coordinator from the BLC Video Editing team. Ann Young has graciously accepted the new role of coordinator for the team. This will be a transitioning period until July as we are trying to streamline things as well as
  • New Equipment/Hard drives – We have two new hard drives. A blue hard drive (2 TB) and white hard drive (8TB).
    Blue Hard drive (2 TB)- this is for recording footage from Final cut pro, on Sundays. As well as editing and creating video projects. The blue hard drive is replacing the Large Silver hard drive that we had for a while since that one was running out space.
    White Hard drive (8 TB) –  This one is for moving a complete series to. When Mr. Mark finishes a series, the finalized videos and audio will go here.
  • Schedule:
    Instructions Updated – Instructions are being updated again. We have decided to do away with the long version of the editing process and just stick with the ‘simplified’. The instructions are attached below. You will notice that the Equipment setup and editing process are broken into two complete files now. Hopefully this will help in streamlining things make the process overall more easy to understand. Please look over and let me or Ann know if anything was missed.